Sailing around the world


7 sailors per leg


Fundraising per nautical mile

Which route does Sail2Fight sail?

The route starts and ends in the Netherlands and will be sailed via a mapped route. The final route is currently being worked hard, but currently looks roughly as follows. We first sail along the coast towards Portugal. After several stops on the route Sail2Fight departs from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. Through the Panama Canal the sailing yacht will sail up the Pacific towards Australia. When we leave Australia behind us we cross the Indian Ocean towards South Africa. After this stop, the Sail2Fight yacht returns to Europe to complete the first circumvention of the world!

Start & Finish

Of course we will really stop at this sailing adventure at the start and finish. It is a decent achievement that we deliver with all skippers and sailors. In addition, we also want to put all other stakeholders in the limelight and involve them wherever possible, so then the departure and our return are the ideal opportunity to celebrate it all.

The route

The route that is currently mapped out in the following stages:

Stage Nautical miles Number of days* Sailors Departure date*
Nederland (Amsterdam) – Portugal (Porto) 871 10 7 Not known
Portugal (Porto) – Madeira (Funchal) 648 8 7 Not known
Madeira (Funchal) – Canarische eilanden (Las Palmas) 283 4 7 Not known
Canarische eilanden (Las Palmas) – Martinique (Fort-de-France) 2653 28 7 Not known
Martinique (Fort-de-France) – Curaçao (Willemstad) 475 6 7 Not known
Curaçao (Willemstad) – Panama (Colón) 730 9 7 Not known
Panama Panama (Colón) – Galapagos (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) 872 10 7 Not known
Galapagos (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) – Tahiti (Pateete) 3641 38 7 Not known
Tahiti (Pateete) – Fiji (Suva) 1829 20 7 Not known
Fiji (Suva) – Australië (Brisbane) 1512 17 7 Not known
Australië (Brisbane) – Australië (Cairns) 752 9 7 Not known
Australië (Cairns) – Australië (Darwin) 1438 16 7 Not known
Australië (Darwin) – Bali (Denpasar) 951 11 7 Not known
Bali (Denpasar) – Sri Lanka (Galle) 2688 28 7 Not known
Sri Lanka (Galle) – Malediven (Malé) 567 7 7 Not known
Malediven (Malé) – Seychellen (Victoria) 1206 14 7 Not known
Seychellen (Victoria) – Mauritius (Port Louis) 942 11 7 Not known
Mauritius (Port Louis) – Zuid Afrika (Kaapstad) 2233 24 7 Not known
Zuid Afrika (Kaapstad) – Kaapverdië (Praia) 3877 40 7 Not known
Kaapverdië (Praia) – Canarische eilanden (Las Palmas) 912 11 7 Not known
Canarische eilanden (Las Palmas) – Azoren (Ponte del Gada) 772 4 7 Not known
Azoren (Ponte del Gada) – Portugal (Porto) 935 8 7 Not known
Portugal (Porto) – Nederland (Amsterdam) 871 10 7 Not known
Total 31.658 343 161 Not known

* The number of days and the departure date depends on the weather and arrival of the sailing yacht of the previous stage. Always make sure you book a flexible ticket.

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