Sailing around the world


7 sailors per leg


Fundraising per nautical mile

The sailing yacht of Sail2Fight

In the coming period Sail2Fight is looking for the perfect sailing yacht to sail around the world. It is the intention to find a suitable yacht that the skipper and 6 steppers can place. By means of investors and sponsors, Sail2Fight wants to finance the sailing yacht in the coming years. In the meantime we have consulted with the first investors and sponsors, but we are looking for multiple parties. In total we expect to have to raise about € 400.000 in starting capital for the purchase of the ship and the adjustments needed to prepare the ship for the big trip.

It is also possible that you or someone you know has a suitable ship that can be used as a sailing yacht for Sail2Fight. Then we would like to hear that. Then we will talk with you to discuss this possibility.

If you also have experience with sea sailing and would you like to share your knowledge with us? Then contact us, we will pay for the coffee!

You want to get in contact...

… and not just for free coffee. You also want to make an investment or sponsor something to help realize Sail2Fight’s dream.