Sailing around the world

Always dreamed of sailing around the world or linking your name as a fund or charity to a unique event? Then this is your chance! Sail with Sail2Fight and make your dreams and those of others true.
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Sailing around the world


7 sailors per leg


Fundraising per nautical mile

Sail2Fight, sailing around the world in 2 years

With Sail2Fight we sail the world in different stages in two years. We do not sail alone. We also sail for eight different charities. Charities in the areas of nature, health, animals and development aid. Consider, for example, By the Ocean we Unite, who commitment to all the plastic that floats in the sea or CliniClowns that also works in Japan and is active in CuraƧao.


A new way of fundraising

Sail2Fight will change the course of fundraising. Sail2Fight will collect donations for eight charities for each sailed nautical mile. In addition, these charities will enter into cooperation with each other and Sail2Fight, which means that only one team is required that is committed to fundraising. As a result, more money will go from the collected money to the eight different projects. This is unique for the charities, because the cooperation and the proportional distribution of the donations has not been done before.

Commited charities

How does Sail2Fight raise money?

The sailors will individually and / or together with other participants raise funds for the charities that joined Sail2Fight. The amount of money that needs to be collected depends on the number of nautical miles that are sailed per stage. Each participant must collect 5 euros per nautical mile. A participant must raise at least 2500 euros during the shortest stage and at least 5000 euros during a trip of 1000 or more nautical miles. If more money is collected, that is of course a fantastic achievement. Sail2Fight will provide support to all participants in the form of a toolkit and various tips.

Sail2Fight itself also starts a two-year fundraising campaign. This campaign will consist of several events that will be conceived and organized by the two driving forces behind Sail2Fight.

What is the route?

The route is marked down. Curious where we are hoping to sail? Check out the entire route here.