Zeil van het zeiljacht van Sail2Fight

Sailing around the world


7 sailors per leg


Fundraising per nautical mile

Who stand behind the helm of Sail2Fight?

Roderick Oudemans and Anne Claire van der Lugt are both the initiators of Sail2Fight. Roderick Oudemans has a dream to sail around the world. In 2015 he crossed the Pacific with Setting Sail and with that the idea to sail around the world came about. Anne Claire van der Lugt has a dream to discover the world. Only this one is actually too big to travel in a human life with the Dutch work culture in mind.

Roderick and Anne Claire both work in the fund and charity world in the field of fundraising. Within this sector, they have already done a lot of voluntary and professional work for people, animals and nature in recent years. Through this journey, they offer people the opportunity to realize their own sailing dream and at the same time, like them, to support charities and funds that are connected to Sail2Fight and make the difference together. Everyone, people and animals, and nature deserves a livable place in this world.

Sail2Fight officially started on 1 July 2017. Sail2fight will be sailing around the world in 730 days. We sail via a mapped route around the world to discover this together with you and to raise money for various funds and charities in the Netherlands.


Roderick Oudemans

+31 6 – 23 58 27 48
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Anne Claire van der Lugt

+31 6 – 25 00 79 58
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Do you want us to help make our dream come true?

We are looking for investors and sponsors for our sailing yacht and all the necessary materials to make this trip.